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re: About Cognition

Cognition is a guild dedicated to raiding success and was established at the inception of Wotlk(2009). Our goal is to progress through all the end game content WoW has to offer quickly and efficiently while also maintaining a friendly and fun environment. We will accomplish many great things as we always have, and are always looking for players who share our drive in conquering new content. We are a 25m raiding guild.

We look for players who know how to play their class well, have high availability for our raid times, and project a positive attitude. If you are a dedicated and skilled raider willing to put forth the effort to achieve our goals, while having some fun along the way; please fill out our application via the link on the left side of the page so that we know you are interested. We also ask that you read our guild guidelines before applying so that you are familiar with our practices and policies.

Our raid times are from 6:30 to 9:30PM PST Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. with a optional clean up raid/alt raid on Mondays if anything is left alive or to do w/e. Invites start at 6:15pm and we expect members to be in the zone, and ready to pull at 6:25. You are responsible for getting to the zone by your own means. You will NOT wait for a summon.
We are looking for players who still consider themselves hardcore gamers who find that the server’s raid guilds and raid times don’t fit their schedule when having to deal with real life, and family commitments. We organize raids on set schedules (3 hours per night)and maximizing what we accomplish in a shorter window (9 hours per week) to allow more time for real life to happen. Thus we expect 100% attendance and 110% performance from our raiding members.

Ground Rules

1. You must be willing to conduct yourself in a mature, honorable, and respectful fashion in dealings with other players, especially your guild mates.

2. When not raiding, we expect guild members to do whatever in the game they like to do. When it comes time to raid, we expect and demand things get serious.

3. Follow orders; if an Officer tells you to jump into a fiery pit of lava, jump into the fiery pit of lava. If this action causes a wipe, it is the Officer's or Raid Leader's fault for giving the order, not yours for disobeying it. This is not to say you cannot disagree with strategy and set forth suggestions, but strategy is discussed before and after Raids, not during. That time is focused on execution.

4. You must know your class and how it fits in a group.

5. Failure to respect the rules set forth in guild raids/groups can result in your removal from the group and possibly from the guild.

6. You must dedicate yourself to the advancement of guild goals. The good news is, here, you will have input to those goals as a member. Cognition is led by Ozymandius and he always listens to members thoughts before setting direction.

7. While we enjoy having a good time, we expect players to treat raiding with us like a commitment.

8. Ideally Recruits should have experience with raiding and be working towards wearing near best-in-slot for their respective experience level. However, the guild is more concerned with your skill as a player then we are with your current gear level. skill 10x > gear.

General Requirements:

If you sign up to a raid you show up period. Do not expect to be given priority over someone who can show more dedication.

We use EPGP to distribute loot. All loot awarded to guild members will be tracked.

1. Stay up to date with all boss strategies and abilities. You must know your role in current raid content and the role of those around you. If you underperform because you did not study the boss fight, you will be subject to replacement, demotion, or possibly guild kicked.

2. Keep up to date with changes to your class and the game. You must know every single one of your abilities in every spec, how they work, be proficient at using them, and be prepared to modify and change talents and glyphs as it benefits performance from boss to boss.

3. Be correctly talent specced and have appropriate gear itemization as each individual boss fight dictates.

4. Your PC and connection MUST be able to support a 25 man raid environment without disconnecting or lagging. There is no good excuse for lag and it will not be tolerated.

5. Be open to rotating spots and being available on standby.

6. Must have and use a headset w/microphone and Mumble.

7. If the raid starts at 6:30, that means we enter the raid instance at 6:25 server time. Not at 6:26.Early (is On time), On Time (is Late), and Late (is Inexcusable). Invites always start 15 minutes before scheduled time. Raiders still absent at this time are replaced where possible. DO NOT expect a summon, be where you're supposed to be.

8. Raiders are expected to be fully repaired and have all the reagents, potions, bandages, and foods they're going to need, as well as gold for mid-raid repairs.

9. In Game Calendar is what is used for Raid invites.

10. Mumble: If you don't have it you're not coming. Period. During raids all present are expected to be mindful of crowd-noise. During buff- and setup phases, as well as boss fights, limit yourselves to relevant important information only.

11. We will make every attempt to get everyone in on raids. In the event we have more signed up to go then we have roster spots, here is how it will be handled.

a. You will be placed in the raid in a non-raid spot group.

b. You will be expected to be able to get to the dungeon and ready to go at a moment’s notice (less than 1 minute).

c. At every boss we will try to do a loot check. Should there be a member on the raid that you can replace without jeopardizing the success of the encounter that does not need loot and you do we will substitute you in for that one fight. You will then go back on the waiting list and the original member will be brought back in.

d. If at any time during a raid we lose a member classes will be brought into raids based on need and be at the raid leader’s decision.

e. Just because your first on the waiting list does not mean you are first to come into the dungeon. In the end the success of the raid/guild is more important than catering to one whiny individuals wants and desires or maintaining a proper order on the waiting list. If we are down a healer and you’re not a healer then obviously you could get bumped. Otherwise we will follow first on first in.

f. If you fail to follow instructions and people are dying because of it, you will be replaced if other people are queued to come in. 1 person holding up the progression of 24 other people because said person isn't executing or performing at a top level, is bad for the guild, and officers have the right to put a stop to it.

12. Members are expected to keep an up to date gear (BiS) upgrade list in the class section of the forums that shows any drops for current content they are interested in for main spec.

Apply at: (see the ‘Apply to Guild’ link on the right toolbar) - we will set up a time to meet with you on mumble or in game to talk about your application.

If you have any questions, contact any officer in game.
Guild Leader: Ozymandius
Officers: Drunkenfu, Dommi, Mezzulmoxx, Phaqfu, Revurb

Updated 8/14/2013


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re: About Cognition

Saved for reference.
Curious when can we expect the post on the new loot for epgp? I cant say I understood a single thing about that last night... All I got was that were using a point system like dkp...but that isnt dkp. Even then it sounded strange. I did want to ask why we were changing it up though. Motive?
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re: About Cognition

Check the link at the top of the page called Cognition's Loot System.


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