To be updated 10/21/13


Guild Ranks and Expectations 
General Expectations of all Cognition members 

Engaging in inappropriate chat in trade or general chat at any time is not permitted. 
Examples of this would include “trolling”, arguments with other players, offensive comments, and things of like nature. Please remember that while wearing a Cognition tag you represent our guild. We expect all members, be they casual, alts or raid members to present a respectable face of the guild to the rest of the server. Harassment of other players, in or out of the guild, will not be permitted under any circumstances. 

Alt s and Casuals 
Alts are permitted and encouraged to join the guild, but will not be allowed to accompany the raid team for primary scheduled raids. Alts are welcome on all LFR, Flex and alt runs. 
Casual members are also encouraged to join and play with us, but will also not be permitted in primary raids. Casual members are also welcome on all off night runs. 
In the event of an end of the week clean up raid, raid members will have priority for raid space. 
Alts and Casuals are typically permitted to purchase materials from the bank at 75% the current Auction House price. Items in the Casual tab in the bank are free. 
Current guild members with a casual rank who wish to join the raid team and members who wish to switch the main character they bring to raids must fill out an application on the guild website. 

Member and above 
Raid Members are typically permitted to purchase materials from the guild bank at 50% the current Auction House price. 

-We do not require 100% attendance, however, if you choose to not show up on a consistent basis, it is unreasonable for you to expect the guild to show you preference over someone who can and chooses to show more dedication to Cognition. We expect 80% plus attendance, if you fall below that You may be demoted, removed or placed on the bottom of the priority list for raid make-up. 

-Show up on time for the invite. It is understood that you (like everyone else in your raid) have work, school, kids, spouses, GFs/BFs, pets, etc. There are things that you have control over, so be respectful of the 24 other people who are waiting on you. If you can not make it or will be late have the decency to let someone know in advance. With technology today, there will almost always be an available means of alerting the guild if you are running late, be that texting another member or posting on the guild website from your phone. Failure to do so, particularly habitual tardiness will be reflected in your attendance. 

Cognition is striving to maintain a 35 player roster to ensure that there always enough of every spec available for every raid night and give everyone the time off they need to handle real life responsibilities as needed. This means there is a chance for any possible encounter that any individual player will be sat. The raid list vs the wait list may (and likely will) change between every encounter, and possibly between attempts on the same encounter. Raid make up for each encounter will be managed to provide the raid the possible chance at beating the encounter, while also providing the best possible reward gains from the encounter. Every player can expect to be sat at some point each night. If you are on the wait-list you are expected to be ready and capable to be in the instance within 3 min of being notified that you are being brought into the raid. 

Raid Prep 

Every guild member is responsible for bringing enough food/flasks/elixirs/potions to a scheduled raid. Since we do 3 hours a night, bring 5 flasks. You are expected to have these consumables prior to the raid invite. Consumable use on off night raids and old content is up to the discretion of the raid leader. You are expected to use max food. Noodle carts will generally be provided for scheduled raids, but there may always be situations where you will need to provide your own food so always plan on having a stack with you. 

If you are going to be potentially used in different contexts during the raid (example: Tank on one fight, dps on another fight) you are responsible for bringing the appropriate food, flasks, etc for both specs. 

-Potions are mandatory, you should have potions on your character (Health, Mana, Speed, DPS, etc). DPS classes should be pre-potting on every encounter where it is possible in order to maximize their potential on a fight. 

-Gear is required to be max enchanted, gemmed with the appropriate gems and valor upgraded as much as is possible before the raid invite. Do not expect to have time between encounters to enchant, gem, reforge or upgrade your gear. If you intend to do so during raid, you should carry the appropriate materials with you. 

-Each guild member must maintain an upgrade list in their class' section of the forums. The list should be include gear from the current raid tier that is considered an upgrade beyond what you are wearing now and not just a “BiS” list. It should be maintained and updated as needed as is. This list will be a reflection of the research you have done on your character, and will be a large priority in selecting which players will be in for particular encounters. If it is found that you have done poor research, you may not be eligible for the gear or encounters you “need”. 

Reasonable differences between members of the same class in gear selection or preference and stat gearing is expected and acceptable. Use of sub-par item enhancements or unsupportable use of non standard gear will result in loss of your raid spot. 

-Check your gear before the raid to ensure you aren't running with the wrong spec from a prior raid, or the wrong gear set from Battlegrounds, chef hats, safari hats etc. 

-The guild will help pay for repairs on all scheduled raid nights. You are responsible for making sure you are fully repaired before the raid, and throughout the raid whenever repair bots/mounts are dropped. Expect to have enough gold to cover repairs in the event costs exceed the daily allotment of guild funds. 

Loot drops in scheduled raids will be awarded via the EPGP system. This system of handling loot is designed to ensure that everyone is receiving a roughly equal amount of gear based on their participation. All players who are online and available for raids will receive the same amount of points regardless of whether they are present for a boss kill or if they are on the “bench”. 
Recruits and newer members may start under the threshold to be available for loot, in which case it will be awarded to full members first. 

All raid members are required to be present in mumble during raid times, and being both capable of hearing and responding as needed. 

Casual guild members are welcome in mumble during all raid times and are welcome to listen in during scheduled raid times, but must ensure they are not interrupting or hampering raid time. 

-During boss encounters keep Mumble clear. Communication is important, but if everyone is talking in at the same time, communication can fail. Let the raid leader or assigned members call things out. 

-Things not pertaining to the raid should not be discussed in vent during the 5-8 minutes of a boss fight. Wait until before or after a boss fight to discuss issues you saw. 

Analyzing Performance 
-It is required that every member has a World of Logs account and applies to Cognition on the site. This is expected within the first week of joining the guild. Refusal or forgetting to do so is grounds for removal. 
-Constructive criticism should be embraced by all guild members. Welcome it and give it out in a respectful manner. If you were the one standing in fire, own up to it. Logs will likely show this information anyway. If you are asked to sit on a raid because we need to bring someone else in, it is not personal. If we ask you about gemming, or talents, etc it is only to ensure every player is providing their maximum potential to the raid.