In Cognition, we use a EP/GP system to award items to members. We have found this system to be the most efficient and sensible way of distributing items throughout the guild. A EP/GP system such as ours avoids any complications that occur in a DKP system and any exploitation. This system ensures that it does not take an overly long time to buy or bid on an item. Loot within Cognition is given out using the EP/GP priority system.
About EPGP:

If you don't know how EPGP works, first read this link:

Priority for loot is as follows, based on PR:

Raider Mainspec = Raider Sidegrade (Based on PR)
Raider Offspec (Raid Essential)
Raider Offspec (Non-Essential)
Non-Raider (Including Alts) Mainspec
Non-Raider (Including Alts) Offspec

In the unlikely event of TIE in PR, the item will be decided via random roll by the EP/GP addon between the tied parties.


1- Required Addon:

EPGP Lootmaster (We already have this so win-win)

- Currently, raiders will select if an item is MAIN SPEC, OFF SPEC or PASS.
- Loot master will also be able to see the character's currently equipped item. We use a required add-on called EPGPLootmaster to manage loot submissions.
EP and GP Values: aka how you get points in our system

BaseGP: 10 (Everyone starts with 10 GP)
Progression Boss kill EP Award: 100 EP
Recurring EP: 100/Every hour (50EP every 30 minutes)
On-time awarded at 6:20 Bonus EP: 25 EP
Decay EP & GP: 15% every Tuesday before raid start time
Default GP values (per the addon)

325 EP minimum per raid
975 EP minimum per week (unless progression boss is killed)

GP Loot Values:
- The below values are based on item level. Crafted items will receive a 25% discount.

*2-Hand Weapons for Fury Warriors using Titan's Grip will be charged the 1-Hand Weapon Price. (Just because if we counted them as 2 handed their PR would drop so low so fast)
Item Slot 553 559 566 572
Helm, Chest, & Legs 1000 1173 1414 1660
Ring, Wrist, Cloak, Neck, & Off-Hand 500 587 707 830
Shoulders, Gloves, Belt, & Boots 750 880 1061 1245
Trinkets 1250 1467 1768 2074
2 Hand & Ranged Weapons* 2000 2347 2828 3319
1 Hand Weapons & Shield 1500 1760 2121 2489

Item Levels and Raid Content:

528 iLvl: Siege of Orgrimmar - LFR
540 iLvl: Siege of Orgrimmar - Flex
553 iLvl: Siege of Orgrimmar - Normal
559 iLvl: Siege of Orgrimmar - Normal Warforged items
566 iLvl: Siege of Orgrimmar - Heroic
572 iLvl: Siege of Orgrimmar - Heroic Warforged items


- No-Show to Raid (Without posting or notifying officer): 100 GP Charged
- Late to Raid (Without posting or notifying officer): 25 GP Charged

Wait List:

- Raiders on the Wait List are eligible to receive all EP awards that the main raid receives.
- The Wait List is only intended for Raiders who have been asked by the Officers to sit on the bench, for raid comp/class balance reasons.
- Raiders who are online but choose not to raid will not be eligible for EP awards.

On-Time Bonus:

- Raid invites will begin at 6:15 (or earlier)
- The On-Time Bonus will be awarded promptly to the raid at 6:20pm.

- Only raiders who are waiting at the summoning stone or already in the instance for the specified raid zone are eligible for the bonus.