"Chaos is order unrecognized by a lesser mind!"

by Revurb, 9 days ago

So after bearing witness and eventually surviving the "chaos" that is the Paragons fight, we are finally ready to deal with corrupted Garrosh once and for all.  Congrats to all who were there!

Next time we'll bring a bigger can of bug spray.

Stay calm.  Stay focused.  Garrosh is next.

That being said, Cognition is still recruiting!  What we're looking for is consistently updated on the left hand side.  We are seeking competent raiders to complete the end game of this current expansion, and seeking players to make this their home for the next (or beyond).  We currently raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 6:15pm PST to 9:30pm PST.  If there are any questions, please whisper Pascali, Revurb, or Bruisedpalm in game.

Heroic Klaxxi

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Looking for more!

by Revurb, 27 days ago

<Cognition> is currently recruiting competitive DPS for the end of Mists of Pandaria as well as into Warlord's of Draenor.  Currently, we are recruiting for every class with the exception of Retribution Paladin.  If you have any interest, contact an officer in game for more details.

We raid 3 nights a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday) from 6:15 to 9:15 server (PST).  We pride ourselves on making sure we have a "humane" side to raiding while still retaining an environment where we expect every raider to reach their potential.

If this sounds like it may be the place for you, submit an application or contact an officer for more details.



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