Moving to Draenor!!

by Bruisedpalm, 10 days ago

The launch of 6.0.2 is finally here. The Warlords of Destruction draw near!!!




With the launch of the patch and the coming expansion we would also like to announce our new website!

Head on over to and sign up!!

For quicker access into the new site, see an officer for details!

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%$[& my bawlz, Gary is down (the big purple deluxe one)

by Revurb, 23 days ago

We would like to extend congratulations to all who were in and around for the kill, as well as those who have helped this guild transform from a place barely able to field a raid, let alone one with 25 people, to clearing a tier in this expansion.  Our goals for Warlords of Draenor are to keep improving with our fantastic core.  Blackhand shall perish!

Thanks to everyone old, new, and even Amat.

On a side note, we're looking for an exceptional player or two to solidify our Warlords roster.  If you're interested in joining an efficient yet friendly and effective raiding group, hit the apply button and submit an application.

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